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FAQs: drinking water
  • What area does FWID cover?
    See Map
  • When is the summer surcharge period?
    May through October
  • Is the meter read in gallons or cubic feet?
  • My water looks milky.
    See information sheet titled
    Why is My Water Cloudy?
  • How do I find a leak?
    See information sheet titled
    Water Leaks??
  • What is the due date for the water bill?
    Payment is due by the 10th of the month following the month the bill was sent
    1. i. Can customers use third party on-line bill pay websites for their Flowing Wells Irrigation District payments?
      ii. See information sheet titled On-Line Bill Pay Information
  • What period does the water bill cover?
    From the middle of one month to the middle of the next month
  • How do I know if my meter reading is correct and my water meter is accurate?
    See information sheet titled “Inaccurate readings?? / Inaccurate Meter??
  • What months does Pima County Wastewater Management use to figure my sewer bill? December, January and February

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Service Charges

  • $15.00 SERVICE ESTABLISHMENT CHARGE will be charged to all new accounts.
  • $5.00 charge will be made to change customer requested billing information.
  • $20.00 charge will be made for any service call made during regular working hours (8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday, except holidays).
  • $50.00 charge will be added to all new accounts when the service is activated without notification of FWID. Service to such accounts will be discontinued and the meter locked. Application for service must be made and all charges paid before service is re-established.
  • $30.00 charge will be made for any service call made during other than regular working hours.
  • $25.00 charge will be made for all checks returned.
  • $25.00 additional charge will be made and service discontinued if customer fails to make satisfactory financial arrangements.
  • $20.00 charge will be made for any delinquent account, and service will be discontinued until satisfactory financial arrangements have been made.
  • $35.00 charge will be made to lock a meter which has been shut off for delinquency, if customer re-established service without making satisfactory financial arrangements.
  • $60.00 charge will be made to remove the meter if customer forces the lock to re-establish service through a meter which has been shut off for delinquency.
  • $50.00 charge will be made to field test the accuracy of a ¾ inch meter.
  • Field testing of meters one inch and larger will be at cost.
  • A cost plus 10% charge will be made if customer requires removal and a factory certified test of a meter's accuracy.
  • NO CHARGE will be made if the meter proves to be inaccurate, and an adjustment will be made on bills for the three previous months.

NOTE: All of the above Rates, Charges & Fees subject to applicable state and local taxes.

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Fee Schedule - Effective November 1, 2016

New! Summer Surcharge Calculations example - Download PDF

Base Rate Inside District
Effective: November 1, 2016
Meter Size
Firm 2016
¾ inch
1 inch
1½ inch
2 inch
3 inch
Commodity Rate (per 1,000 gallons)

Base Rate Outside District
Effective: November 1, 2016
Meter Size
Firm 2016
¾ inch
1 inch
1½ inch
2 inch
3 inch
Commodity Rate (per 1,000 gallons)
Summer Excess Charge – All Meter Sizes
Surcharge per thousand gallons in excess of Winter Average Plus 10%
Effective May through October, for each account using in excess of that account's Winter Average Plus 10%, the Summer Surcharge rate on that excess will be added to the Commodity Rate.
Fire Services – Effective March 1, 2018
Connection Size
Monthly Charges
2 inch
3 inch
4 inch
6 inch
8 inch
10 inch
12 inch
16 inch
50.00 New Account/Service Charge paid at time
permit is obtained. $70.00 per month, per permit,
plus $3.98 per 1,000 gallons.
All of the above Rates, Charges & Fees subject to applicable State and Local taxes.
Service Fee and Charges
Effective: July 18, 2006
Development Plan Review Fee Base
Each additional sheet
$50.00 includes 2 (two) reviews
Each additional review
$50.00 per review
New Development Construction Inspection
Fees For 0 to 500 feet
For inspections exceeding 500 feet
$1,000.00 + $1.30 per foot
All fees will be collected prior to signing of Development Agreement
Effective: June 1, 2004
5/8" x ¾" meter
1 inch meter
1½ inch meter
2 inch meter
3 inch meter
Larger than 3 inch meter
On a case-by-case basis
Master Metered properties: Cost is determined by meter size plus $325.00 per unit.

Effective: April 2016
5/8 inch X 3/4 inch
1 inch
1½ inch
2 inch
  • All new service installation at cost plus 10%.
  • Additional meters on the same lot and/or service address at cost plus 10%.
  • Does not include pavement removal and replace, if applicable.
Effective: November 1, 2016
Meter Size
Monthly Base Rate
3/4 inch
1 inch
1½ inch
2 inch
3 inch

Effective: August 5, 2008
Installation of Fire Service Connections
At cost plus 10%
Installation of Laterals
At cost plus 10%
Installation of Hydrants
At cost plus 10%
Pavement Removal & Patch
At cost plus 10%
Note: All of the above Rates, Charges & Fees
subject to applicable state and local taxes.

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Policy Documents

Back flow Prevention | Fee and Assessment


In accordance with Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) Rule R18-4-115, the Flowing Wells Irrigation District ("District") herein adopts the following back flow prevention plan for facilities other than single family residences.

  • As a condition of service, all owners of properties that are not single family residences used solely for residential purposes shall install a back flow prevention device when any of the following occur:
    • A substance harmful to human health is handled in a manner which could permit its entry into the public water system;
    • A source of water supply exists on the user's premises which is not accepted as an additional source by the water supplier or is not approved by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality ("ADEQ" herein);
    • An unprotected cross-connection exists or a cross-connection problem has previously occurred within the user's premises; or
    • There is a significant possibility that a cross-connection problem will occur and entry to the premises is restricted to the extent that cross-connection inspections cannot be made with sufficient frequency or on sufficiently short notice to assure that unprotected cross-connections do not exist.
  • All back flow prevention devices installed properties within the District shall comply with the following:
    • Test cocks shall be issued a certificate of approval by a third party certifying entity that is unrelated to the product's manufacturer or vendor.
    • If equipment is not equipped with test cocks, it shall be approved by a third party entity unrelated to the product's manufacturer or vendor.
  • The minimum level of back flow protection which shall be provided to protect the District's water system shall be that which is recommended in the currently adopted version of the Uniform Plumbing Code by the local building authority having jurisdiction over the premises (Pima County or City of Tucson).
  • The District may make installation, maintenance and testing of a required back-flow prevention device a condition of service. A property owner's failure to comply with this requirement shall be sufficient cause for the District to terminate or withhold water service.
  • Specific installation requirements for back flow prevention devices shall include the following:
    • Any back flow prevention device that is required shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and applicable provisions of the Uniform Plumbing Code. A permit shall be obtained from the local building authority having jurisdiction and the installation shall be inspected and approved.
    • For all air-gap separation installations, all piping between the user's connection and the receiving tank shall be entirely visible unless otherwise approved in writing by the building official of the authority having jurisdiction.
    • A reduced pressure principle back flow prevention (RP) device shall not be installed in a meter box, pit or vault unless adequate drainage is provided.
    • A pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) device may be installed for use on landscape water irrigation systems provided the irrigation system conforms to the following:
      • The water use beyond the device is for irrigation purposes only;
      • The PVB is installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications; and
      • Chemigation, the injection of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, is not practiced or provided in the irrigation systems.

Whenever any of the criteria of Section D are not met, an RP device is required.

  • The property owner shall have all required back flow prevention devices tested by a certified person at least annually, or more frequently if directed by the District or ADEQ. The District shall advise the owner of the date by which the testing shall be required. The District may required more than one test in the initial twelve (12) month period of this Policy to allow for staggered notice and reporting.
  • The property owner shall have each device tested by a certified person after installation, relocation or repair. No device shall be placed in service unless it has been tested and is functioning as designed. With regard to testing of the device, the property owner shall abide by the following provisions:
    • Testing shall be in accordance with procedures acceptable to the building official having jurisdiction. The results of such tests shall be forwarded to the District.
    • Testing shall be performed by persons who hold a valid "general" tester certification issued by the California-Nevada American Water Works Association (CAL-NEV AWWA) Section, the Arizona State Environmental Technical Training (ASETT) Center, or other certifying authority approved by ADEQ.
    • The property owner shall repair or replace any defective back flow prevention device and maintain such device in good working order.
  • The District shall maintain records of back flow prevention device installations and tests performed on back flow prevention devices in its service area. Records shall be retained by the District for at least three (3) years and shall be made available for review by ADEQ. The District may initially require staggered notice and reporting to minimize administrative effort and expense. The District shall endeavor to require an approximately equal number of tests and reports in each calendar month.
  • These records shall include an inventory of back flow prevention devices and, for each device, all of the following information:
    • Device identification number and description;
    • Location;
    • Date of tests;
    • Description of repairs and recommendations for repairs made by the tester; and
    • The tester's name and certificate numbers.
  • The District shall submit a written cross-connection incident report within five (5) business days to ADEQ and the local health authority when ever a cross-connection problem has occurred which resulted in contamination of the public water system. The report shall address all of the following:
    • Date and time of discovery of the unprotected cross-connection;
    • Nature of the cross-connection problem;
    • Affected area;
    • Cause of the cross-connection problem;
    • Public health impacts;
    • Dates and texts of any public health advisories issued;
    • Corrective actions taken; and
    • Date of completion of corrective actions.
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Fee and Assessment Policy

The Flowing Irrigation District ('District'), an Arizona municipal corporation organized and operating in Pima County, Arizona, encompasses the land described on Exhibit A hereto. By resolution(s) of its Board of Directors, the District has established policies regarding fees, charges and assessments for the establishment of service, maintenance of accounts and delivery of water to members of the District. These policies are outlined as follows:

  • The Board of Directors shall establish charges for the establishment of service, disconnection, change of address, late penalties, delivery and use of water, and any other necessary and proper fees or assessments from time to time by resolution of the Board. A schedule of currently adopted fees and assessments will be maintained at the District office and may be obtained upon request from the District, 3901 North Fairview Avenue Tucson, Arizona 85705. The District may charge such reasonable and appropriate costs for copying and mailing the fee schedule as it may determine.
  • Bills for water fees, service charges or assessments shall be due upon receipt and shall become delinquent on the 10th day of the month, or such time as specifically established by the District. When a bill becomes delinquent, one notice will be mailed to the customer or property owner in whose name the account is recorded, informing him of the delinquency and setting a deadline for which payment must be received or other satisfactory arrangements for payment made. If payment is not received by the deadline set forth in the notice, service may be terminated without further notice. Once service to any water user has been terminated to enforce payment of a delinquent account, the customer or property owner will be charged a delinquent fee. All charges on the account must be paid before service will be restored. An additional fee will be charged in all cases where a customer or property owner restores service without authorization of the District and without payment of the delinquent charges and the District terminates service and locks the meter or meter box to enforce payment of the delinquent charges. Additional charges may be made if the customer or property owner causes damages to any District property or facilities. Service will not be restored to the property until the original delinquent bill and all additional fees or charges properly assessed have been paid.
  • If any customer or property owner, upon receipt of a bill for fees or assessments or upon receipt of a notice of delinquency, believes that any charges have been assessed against his account or his property erroneously, the customer or property owner may bring or send the bill or notice to the District business office, together with a written explanation of the facts and circumstances which the customer or property owner believes indicates that the bill is erroneous. The District will review the account and the information furnished by the customer or property owner and notify the customer or property owner of its findings regarding such facts and circumstances. If the customer or property owner delivers his explanation at least 72 hours prior to the deadline for payment, the District will notify the customer or property owner of its decision prior to taking any action to terminate service. If the customer or property owner delivers his explanation within 72 hours of the payment deadline, or after the deadline, the customer or property owner must make full payment to ensure continuation of service. If the District determines the billing to be in error, a new bill will be issued and a refund or credit issued, as may be appropriate.
  • All fees and assessments for water and the provision of water service shall become a lien upon the land to which the water was delivered until such fees and assessments are paid in full. Failure to pay such fees or assessments may result in foreclosure and sale of the land pursuant to the requirements of Arizona Revised Statutes, Sections 4B-3155 through 4B-3158, as amended, which statutes provide, among other things, for the notice of sale, sale at public auction, recovery of assessment then due and unpaid with interest, penalties and costs of sale and the right to commence an action in a court of competent jurisdiction for recovery of any delinquent assessment or installment.
  • These policies may be revised or amended by the Board of Directors from time to time. The District is under no obligation to record the policies or subsequent revisions or amendments. Detailed policies and procedures for the implementation of these policies has been established by the District and are on file in the District office. Written policies and procedures of the District may be referred in the District office and copies may be obtained by providing a written request and payment of a reasonable fee for the copies, as established by the District.
For the full PDF, please click here
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