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Well #71 Booster Station Rebuild

As part of the District's Capital Improvement Program, the District's Well #71 Booster Station has been rebuilt. A new 16" line from the storage tank into the pump house was laid and four new booster pumps were installed. A concrete floor replaces the old gravel over dirt floor, making the interior of the pump house cleaner and better for staff to maintain. The original pump house structure was built in 1966.

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La Canada Transmission Main/Rillito River Crossing

In 2009, to insure a back-up water supply, the District began the three phase La Canada Transmission Main/Rillito River Crossing project. The first phase was the installation of an underground 16" transmission main along La Canada Road from the north side of the Rillito River north to Roller Coaster Road. The Rillito River Crossing was the second phase of the installation and required that the 16" transmission main be attached to the Rillito River bridge. The final phase, completed in 2012, was the connection of the District's transmission main to a terminus at a metering station at the southeast corner of La Canada Road and Roller Coaster Road.

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2006 Aquarius Award

For the design and construction of the arsenic treatment portion of the District´s Wells 70 and 75 Water Treatment Facility, Flowing Wells Irrigation District received the EPA´s 2006 Aquarius Award for innovative use of state revolving funds for sustainable health protection. The District was the only water provider in Arizona to receive this award. The District used a $996,600.00 WIFA drinking water state revolving loan to build an arsenic treatment plant and met the lower arsenic level before the rule went into effect in January 2006. Arsenic occurs naturally in soil and groundwater in Arizona.

From Left to Right:
Alexis Strauss, Water Quality Director at the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
Steve Owens, WIFA chairman (Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona) and Director of ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality)
David Crockett, Superintendent, Flowing Wells Irrigation District
Eric P. Anderson, Flowing Wells Irrigation District Board Member


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Current News

Water Quality Monitoring Program

Water Quality TestngThe District is responsible for water quality throughout its system, ensuring that the water delivered is clean, safe and meets all local, state and federal drinking water health standards. The Safe Drinking Water Act requires public water systems to comply with EPA and ADEQ drinking water regulations and, at established monitoring frequencies, District staff collects water samples from wells, storage tanks, sample stands and at entry points to the distribution system. Those samples are then taken to a state-licensed laboratory for analysis and test results are
reported to the District and the Water Quality Division of
the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.


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