Flowing Wells Irrigation District

Serving our customers quality water since 1922



Flowing Wells Irrigation District has served its customers on the north side of Tucson since 1922—a time, as its name implies, when the District served predominately agricultural water users along with some municipal users. After World War II, as Tucson changed, so did the District – with former agricultural use lands being turned into platted home subdivisions, manufactured housing parks, apartment and townhouse complexes, several Flowing Wells Unified School District schools, along with a wide range of commercial and industrial businesses.

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The District’s service area is roughly bounded on the southwest by I-10, on the south by Miracle Mile, on the east by Fairview, and on the north by the Rillito River. The District’s drinking water is groundwater from the Tucson Basin aquifer. Our eight active wells pump water from 205 feet to 360 feet below the earth’s surface. Water from these wells is placed in storage tanks or reservoirs. The water is then pressurized to move underground through pipes to reach homes and businesses.

We have an elected Board of Directors who meet once a month, but the day to day oversight of operations is managed by the District’s Superintendent, David Crockett, and a support staff of ten, including business office and field personnel. The District is not regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission, but as a political subdivision of the State of Arizona, is governed by the rules and regulations defined in Title 48, Arizona Revised Statutes.

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